Graphic Design


John Likens
(BFA 2008 Graphic Design)
Freelance Art Director & Motion Designer

Brooklyn, New York
Jillian Likens
(BFA 2008 Graphic Design & Advertising)
Studio Producer, Fistborn

Brooklyn, New York
Recent projects: Designed and animated elements for all HUD (heads-up-display) shots in Iron Man 3; art directed and animated all broadcast graphics for NCAA March Madness on CBS. Critical skills: Organization,problem solving and the ability to communicate clearly and efficiently. And always being one step ahead!  
Creative process: The most important part of my design process is to get really inspired. I keep up with a lot of image bookmarking websites, photography blogs, fashion magazines and other design showcase sites. Most exciting: It's always something new. In the Firstborn studio department, we have created a wide range of really great 3-D, live action and motion graphics projects for clients like Aflac, Redken, Google and Sony. Seeing a project from concept to completion is really rewarding.  
COther activities: I play drums in a band. Music is another creative outlet I find very fulfilling. Shared obsession: We're both fueled by coffee and couldn't survive without our iPhones.