Study Abroad

Faculty Resources

Study Abroad

College of Design faculty members interested in leading study abroad programs are encouraged to utilize the following resources.

• Timeline for College of Design Study Abroad Program Preparation (as of Sept. 30, 2015)
This timeline (PDF) provides a step-by-step process to planning a short-term study abroad program as well as study abroad program policies and procedures.

• Study Abroad Itinerary Template
Utilize this template (PDF) to plan daily academic activities, gather contact details, and determine transportation, meal and payment needs. View a completed example (PDF).

• Guidance for short-term study abroad programs (as of September 30, 2015)
This document (PDF) provides information about program finances, CISI insurance and required documentation.

• Financial Management Guide
This guide (PDF) explains how payments are made for study abroad programs and what documentation is required.

• Expense Forms
Each study abroad program expense (general or hospitality) must be submitted on the appropriate expense form (XLS).  Please use one form for each receipt rather than putting multiple receipts on one form.

• Receipt Form
All study abroad expenses must be documented with receipts, but sometimes receipts are difficult to obtain internationally. Faculty members can use a receipt form (PDF) to document expenses for which the payee is unable to or unwilling to provide their own receipt. Three receipts are available on one sheet of paper.

Visiting Scholars

Faculty members interested in inviting visiting international scholars must follow this procedure.

Please contact Mark Chidister, associate dean for academic programs, if you have questions about these resources.